Leviton 95A04-1 Remote Input Module (RIM)

by Leviton


Leviton Remote Input Module (RIM)


  • The Remote Input Module is a Remote Audio Input / Infrared Output Module, white, IR Flasher
  • Uses Standard Cat5 Wiring
  • Hi-Fi 2 is a built-in system that uses a Remote Input Module (RIM) so music can be located anywhere instead of in an audio rack
  • RIM's can be located throughout the home or business to pick up music from your theater, kitchen TV, computer, MP3 player or smartphone - any source with an audio output
  • You can even put multiple RIM's in the same room to control multiple devices like CD changers and Blu-Ray devices
  • The Hi-Fi 2 does feature local inputs on the ampliifer board, so items in an audio rack (like satellite radios and tuners) can be easily added without the use of a RIM, if desired
  • Place RIM's in rooms that will have music sources that you wish to share
  • When you plug a music source into a RIM using a standard stereo input jack, it can be shared with any room that has a Volume-Source Control (VSC), even if that VSC is in a different room than the RIM
  • Additionally, RIMs feature a routed IR emitter jack and include a flasher to allow you to use the remote of your source equipment in any room that has a VSC Leviton offers two 4 foot retractable cables to help you connect your audio sources to a RIM
  • One is a 3.5 mm male to 2 RCA male patch cable and the other is a 3.5 mm male to 3.5 mm male patch cable
  • The color of the RIM may be changed to complement the interior decor
  • Switch Color Change Kits for RIMs (Leviton Part Number 95A10-colorcode) are available in White (WH), Almond (AL), Light Almond (LTA), Black (BL), and Ivory (IV)

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