Leviton CSB1-15I 1-Pole Switch, 15 Amp, 120/27V, Ivory, Back/Side Wired, Commercial

by Leviton


The Leviton CSB1-15I is a single-pole switch from Leviton's product line of Commercial Specification Grade switches. This particular model comes in ivory. This single-pole switch is designed for top performance and fine appearance. The model features impact-resistant thermoplastic nylon body. Leviton offers switches in a wide variety of wiring options, colors and other features. Among them are 15 and 20 Amp commercial switches. This single-pole switch is perfect for use in government buildings, municipal facilities, department stores, malls, health care facilities and hospitals, office buildings, universities, colleges, schools and cultural institutions. The Leviton brand offers you the highest in production standards according to National Electrical Manufacturers Association.


  • Designed to offer outstanding reliability and top performance in commercial settings
  • For Commercial Spec Grade
  • Leviton offers a large selection of 15 and 20 Amp Commercial switches
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, wiring options and other features


  • Amperage:  15 Amp
  • Voltage:  120/277 VAC
  • Max. Amperage:  12 Amp
  • Dielectric Voltage:  Withstands 1500V for 1 minute
  • Temperature Rise:  Maximum 30 degrees C rise
  • Body Material:  Thermoplastic
  • Base Material:  PBT
  • Strap Material:  Steel
  • Actuator Material:  Polycarbonate
  • Toggle:  Polycarbonate
  • Cover Material:  Nylon
  • Contacts:  Silver-Cadmium .031 Thick
  • Terminal Screws:  Steel 8-32
  • Color:  Ivory

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