Leviton DS60-AX Non-Fused Safety Disconnect, 60 Amp, 3-Pole

by Leviton


The Leviton DS60-AX complete package of PowerSwitch SDS is non-metallic, watertight and is designed to increase safety and performance for critical power control installations. This device is good for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than 600 VAC maximum. For fused items, use class J fuses. The Leviton safety switches and motor controls have to be mounted vertically, with line side at the top.


  • Provides ON-OFF switched control of a directly connected load.
  • Meets the requirements of Outdoor/Indoor (IP67, Type 3R, 4X, Watertight, Corrosion resistant) and Indoor (Type 12K Dust tight) installations.
  • This enclosure provides lockout capability in compliance with OSHA Lockout/Tagout Regulation 29 CFR Part 1910.147 (in the OFF position) with an acceptable padlock/shackle, thereby assuring the connected equipment cannot be energized.
  • Auxiliary contact open prior to the line contacts for pilot duty switching


  • IP Rating: IP67, Watertight
  • Type: Non-Fused
  • Amperage: 60 Amp
  • Voltage: 600 Volt
  • HP Rating: 20HP-120/208V-240V 40HP-480V-600V
  • Pole: 3
  • Auxiliary Contact: Factory Installed; N.O. 10A; Early Break-Late Make
  • Fuse Type: NA
  • Body Material: Valox 357
  • Handle Material: Valox 357
  • External Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Gray
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited

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