Leviton OSW12-MWW Motion Sensor, Occupancy Sensor, Wall Mount, 2 Pole, Ultrasonic Sensor, 120-277V AC, 1200 Sq ft

by Leviton


Occupancy sensors have two tasks: 1) Keeping the lights on while the room is occupied. 2) Saving energy by keeping the lights off while the room is unoccupied. Passive infrared technology is an excellent and precise sensing of motion for turning the lights on, but lacks sensitivity for minor motion at distances. Ultrasonic (U/S) technology provides maximum sensitivity with continuous reflective high frequency waves. This is optimal for keeping the lights on. The OSW12-MWW combines the benefits of both PIR and U/S technologies for unrivaled performance and reliability.


  • Multi-Technology: by using both PIR and U/S signals, the sensor minimizes false triggering for high reliability
  • Wide coverage: over 1,2000 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Fast and simple installation: a single mounting post and three color coded wires make installation easy
  • Custom true-white color to meet true white applications
  • Self-adjusting: internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts sensitivity and time delay settings. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated.
  • Applications: cafeterias, conference rooms, day care centers, offices with cubicles


5 years limited warranty through the manufacturer

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