Lutron AYLV-600P-BL Dimmer Switch, 600W 1-Pole Ariadni Magentic Low Voltage Toggle Dimmer - Black

by Lutron


About the Lutron AYLV-600P-BL 600W Ariadni Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, Single-Pole - Black

With the Lutron AYLV-600P-BL 600W Ariadni Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer (Single Pole), find the lighting that works best for you. If you are reading a book, turn it up high to catch every word without straining your eyes. If you are watching a movie with a special someone, turn it down low to create a movie theater-like setting. You have a wide variety of great lighting options!

The Lutron AYLV-600P-BL uses a magnetic transformer to convert line voltage to low voltage, which in turn, lowers your electricity bill and saves you money. To allow for transformer losses, magnetic low-voltage dimming for 600 VA products has a suggested max lighting load of 450 W.

Installation is easy as the Ariadni Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer contains a shallow one-inch deep back cover. In addition, there is no need to change the décor in your room as the black colored dimmer fits any standard sized faceplate.  

.Suggested maximum lighting load for magnetic low-voltage dimming is 450 W for 600 VA products to allow for transformer losses


  • Toggle switch and small slide dimmer
  • Magnetic Low Voltage
  • Shallow 1-inch-deep back cover for easy installation


  • Color: Black
  • Wattage: 600W
  • Back Cover: 1"D


Limited (1) one year warranty through the manufacturer

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