Lutron DV-600P-AL Dimmer Switch, 600W 1-Pole Incandescent Diva Light Dimmer - Almond

by Lutron


About the 600W Lutron DV-600P-LA Light Almond Colored Diva Dimmer

The Lutron DV-600P-AL Light Almond Colored Diva Dimmer is a single pole paddle switch dimmer. The large paddle allows for the easy turning on and off of your lights, and a smaller slider dimmer allows you to accurately and conveniently dim them to your preference. The slider also performs as a preset, as you don’t need change the light level when you switch your lights back on

Attractiveness and a smooth finish design are also included with the Lutron DV-600P-LA, which makes your dimmer easy to clean and maintain. Made from durable materials and offering a built-in gentle, soft glow night light, you'll get added safety and a longer life from your diva dimmer.

The Lutron DV-600P-LA Light Almond Colored Diva Dimmer is a UL listed item, complete with the technology and innovative design you’ve come to expect and trust with Lutron. This unit is simple and quick to install, and comes included with RFI filter to enhance performance and suppress interference.

Wallplate Sold Separately


  • Single Pole Switch
  • Standard ON/OFF with Slide Dimming
  • Large Paddle Switch and Small Slide Dimmer enables Accurate Dimming
  • Built-in Soft Glow Night Light Visible in the Dark
  • Locator Light Helps you Navigate through a Dark Room and Acts as a Night-light
  • RFI Filter Suppresses Interference for Increased Performance
  • Works with Any Standard Decorator Wallplate (Sold Separately)



1 year limited through the manufacturer

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