Lutron DV-603P-IV Dimmer Switch, 600W 3-Way Incandescent Diva Light Dimmer - Ivory

by Lutron


About the 600W Lutron DV-603P-IV Three Way Diva Dimmer (Ivory)

Take full control of your room’s lighting and dimming with the 600W Lutron DV-603P-IV Three Way Diva Dimmer and experience the perfect, powerful dimming options that this unit has to offer. Complete with three ways to control the light level in your room, this device is a perfect addition to any home, pairing a low price with high quality.

Use the paddle switch of the Lutron DV-603P-IV as an on/off switch for any lighting fixture, while the sliding dimmer on the side allows you to perfectly tune your light to fit your needs. The programmable feature of this device also allows you to store that perfect light setting for the next time you enter the room, making it accessible by simply pressing a button.

This unit comes with a standard RFI filter installed, allowing you to use the Lutron DV-603P-IV Three Way Diva Dimmer for years to come without having to worry about wear and tear on the device.

Wallplate Sold Separately


  • Standard ON/OFF with Slide Dimming
  • Large Paddle Switch and Small Slide Dimmer enables Accurate Dimming
  • Built-in Soft Glow Night Light Visible in the Dark
  • Locator Light Helps you Navigate through a Dark Room and Acts as a Night-light



Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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