Lutron DVSCLV-600P-SI Dimmer Switch, 600W 1-Pole Magentic Low Voltage Diva Light Dimmer - Sienna

by Lutron


About the Lutron DVSCLV-600P-SI 600W Diva Satin Colors Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, Single-Pole – Sienna

This low voltage dimmer provides homeowners with the ability to precisely control the lighting levels in their homes. The Lutron DVSCLV-600P-SI features a large paddle switch to turn lights and off, but also includes a smooth sliding dimmer that allows for quick and easy tuning of brightness in a room.

The single pole Lutron DVSCLV-600P-SI installs quickly and easily. The unit also includes a built-in soft glow nightlight for easier visibility in low light situations. A built-in radio frequency interference (RFI) filter ensures that the unit will perform as reliably as possible.

The Lutron DVSCLV-600P-SI features a low-profile design that ensures it will not be an eyesore. The dimmer’s smooth finish can be cleaned in seconds with the swipe of a cloth. This unit is compatible with any standard decorator wall plate (sold separately). Included in purchase is a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has approved this dimmer.

For matching appearance use with Lutron's Satin Colors Wallplates (Sold Separately)


  • Large Paddle Switch and Small Slide Dimmer
  • Built-in Soft Glow Night Light Visible in the Dark
  • Slider Allows for Accurate Dimming
  • Standard ON/OFF with Slide Dimming
  • Locater Light Helps you Navigate through a Dark Room and Acts as a Night light
  • High-Style Low-Profile Design
  • RFI Filter Suppresses Interference for Increased Performance
  • Works with Any Standard Decorator Wallplate (Sold Separately)



Limited (1) one year warranty through the manufacturer

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