Lutron LOS-CIR-450-WH Motion Sensor, Infrared Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, 450 SQ. Ft. Coverage - White

by Lutron
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About the Lutron LOS-CIR-450-WH Infrared Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor, 450 SQ. Ft. Coverage – White

The Lutron LOS-CIR-450-WH is a high-tech sensor that easily mounts to the ceiling and comes with the ability to cover 450 sq. ft. The infrared sensors can be integrated into the Lutron systems or can stand alone. With a built-in heat sensor, it easily detects changes in heat sensations from the human body that pass by the sensor.

In order to turn the system on, the heat source you’re using must be able to move from a particular range to another for the Lutron LOS-CIR-450-WH to activate. The sensor uses a semiconductor detector that is installed behind the multi-zone optical lens. Non-moving objects emitting heat will not cause the system to turn the lights on.

With its smart sensor system, the Lutron LOS-CIR-450-WH provides a reliable detection without errors. The built-in microprocessor analyzes the heat detections from the PIR technology, which determine the right setting to use to cover the space.

The system easily mounts to the ceiling and is built with the type of high quality Lutron is known for. 


  • Intelligent, continually adapting passive infrared (PIR) sensor
  • Passive infrared sensing
  • Reliable motion detection with high error immunity
  • Snap-locks to ceiling-mounted cover plate
  • Non-Volatile Memory: settings saved in protected memory are not lost during power outages
  • 450 coverage mounted on 8 ft. ceiling
  • Affords choice of turning lights off or dimming to a preset level in the unoccupied state when integrated with a Lutron system


  • -Timer Adjustment Automatic mode: Continually adapting sensor automatically adjusts settings to the space
  • Manual mode: 8 to 32 minutes
  • Test mode: 8 seconds
  • LED Lamp Red: infrared motion detected
  • Housing Rugged, high


1 year through the manufacturer

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