Lutron MA-LFQ3-IV Fan Speed Control Maestro Combination with Companion Controller, 300W Dimmer & 1.0A Controller - Ivory

by Lutron


About the Lutron MA-LFQ3-IV Maestro Combination, 300W Dimmer & 1.0A Fan Controller with Companion Controller – Ivory

The Lutron MA-LFQ3-IV is designed for user-friendly control of light and fan speed settings. Rather than controlling these separately, this switch unifies these two functions into one space. This provides an elegant and compact appearance.

To maximize energy efficiency, users can adjust the lighting setting to deliver exactly the amount of light needed. When the sun is shining in the windows, there’s no need for glaring overhead lights! This capability extends the life of most light bulbs.

Green LEDs in the Lutron MA-LFQ3-IV provide a visual display of the current settings of fan speed and light intensity. The soft glow of the LEDs is subtle visual confirmation, and it doubles as a guiding light when lights are turned off.

The Lutron MA-LFQ3-IV also comes with a companion switch, facilitating quick and easy control from multiple locations. It also is packaged with a canopy module to make installation as simple as possible!

This item includes a complete Master Control & Companion Control setup with hardwired (ceiling) control module, allowing extended control from 2 locations.

For use with Incandescent or Halogen Lighting only. Not for use with Flourescent, CFL, LED, or other lighting options.

For use with Ceiling Fans Wallplate Sold SeparatelySingle Gang Wall Plates • Double Gang Wall Plates • Triple Gang Wall Plates • Four Gang Wall Plates • Five Gang Wall Plates • Six Gang Wall Plates


  • Lutron's Maestro 300Watt/1 Amp Fan Controller and Dimmer Kit
  • Combines Two Switches into the Space of One
  • Included Companion Switch Allows Multi-Location Control
  • Included Canopy Module Allows for Easy Installation
  • Soft Glowing Green LEDs Indicate the Current Illumination/Fan Speed
  • Dimmers Save Energy and Extend Bulb Life


  • Color: Ivory
  • Dimmer Type: (Model: MA-LFQM) Multi-Location Switch with Canopy Module
  • Companion Switch: (Model: MA-ALFQ35) Companion Switch
  • Style: Maestro
  • Type: Digital
  • Preset: Preset
  • Load Type: Fan & Lighting
  • Dimmer Load Rating: 300W Light, 1.0 Amp Fan
  • Voltage: 120 Volt AC 60Hz
  • Action: Standard-ON/Soft-OFF
  • Wallplates: Use with any decorator style wall plate (sold separately)
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA


1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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