Lutron MA-LFQHW-GR Ceiling Fan Control, 1A 1-Pole 7 Speed, w/ 300W Light Control Dimmer - Gloss Gray

by Lutron


  • Dimmer (top) - tap on to favorite light level, tap off, tap twice for full on and touch rocker to adjust light level
  • Fan control (bottom) - tap on to favorite fan speed, tap off and touch rocker to adjust fan speed
  • 7 quiet fan speeds, plus off, provide enhanced comfort
  • Designed to prevent motor hum
  • For use with only one fan/light


  • Fan Control: 1 Ampere 1-Pole 7 Speed
  • Light Control: 300 W Dimmer
  • Color: Gloss Gray
  • Size: 2.94 Inch W x 1.75 Inch D x 4.69 Inch H
  • Voltage Rating: 120 VAC at 60 Hz
  • Ambient Temperature Rating: 32 to 140 Deg F
  • Includes: (1) Canopy Module and Wallplate
  • Load Type: Fan/Incandescent/Halogen
  • Packaging Type: Clamshell

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