Lutron MA-R-GR Dimmer Switch Maestro Companion - Gray

by Lutron


About the Lutron MA-R-GR Maestro Companion Dimmer – Gray

Your light switch is at one end of the hallway, but you need to get to the other end after you turn off the light. Don’t stumble around in the dark! The Lutron MA-R companion dimmer works with a separate standalone dimmer to control the light in multiple areas of your home. Up to nine companion dimmers can be used with one multi-location dimmer to light up or dim down your entire home.

Stylish and modern, the Lutron MA-R in gray is the perfect way to set the mood in any area of your home. Harsh light can hurts the eyes and darkness can be tough to walk around in. The Lutron MA-R is a great device for controlling the slow transition of light throughout your home so that you’ll be able to see well throughout the day. Don’t be afraid of tricky set up! This product is as easy to install as it is to operate. Make your household brighter and happier with the Lutron MA-R and enjoy all the great features it has to offer now!

Wallplate Sold Separately


  • Replaces: Lutron SPS-AD-GR
  • Not a Standalone Dimmer
  • Use only 1 Maestro Wireless Smart Dimmer per Lighting Circuit and up to 9 Companion Dimmers for full-function Multi-Location Dimming
  • Fits in any standard Decorator style Wallplate (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Do NOT use with Mechanical 3-way or 4-way Switches
  • Also Available in Brown, Almond, Black, Ivory, Light Almond and White


  • Color: Gray
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Amperage: 8.3A Maximum
  • Voltage: 120 Volt AC, 60Hz


1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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