Lutron MIR-1000-WH Dimmer Switch, 1000W 1-Pole Maestro IR Wireless Light Dimmer - White

by Lutron


About the Lutron MIR-1000-WH 1000W Maestro IR Dimmer, Single-Pole – White

Controlling your lights with a dimmer switch has never been more convenient than with the Lutron MIR-1000-WH. This pinnacle of innovation from Lutron blends the qualities you’re looking for in a light dimmer, with the ingenuity of Lutron’e cutting edge technology. Not only can you adjust this device to reflect any number of dimmer settings, but the unit will save your preference for the next time you turn on the lights. The built-in LED on the Lutron MIR-1000-WH allows you to check the lighting level before you even turn the switch on, giving you an idea of the brightness at all times. It also acts as a night light – issuing a subtle glow in the darkness.

The added ability to control the Lutron MIR-1000-WH from 30 feet away with an infrared remote is an extra perk that can be used for people who have trouble with mobility. But perhaps the best feature of this unit is the timed dimmer system that allows you to exit the room at your convenience. Simply set the timer from 10 to 60 seconds and watch as the lights automatically dim themselves, giving you the ability to walk safely out of the room before it gets dark!


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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