Lutron MIR-LFQMT-IV Fan Speed Control Maestro IR Combination, 300W Dimmer & 1.0A Fan Controller Package - Ivory

by Lutron


About the Lutron MIR-LFQMT-IV Maestro IR Combination, 300W Dimmer & 1.0A Fan Controller Package – Ivory

Technology is growing smarter with every passing day, and Lutron has done a marvelous job of staying ahead of the curve with its “smart dimmer” technology. The Lutron MIR-LFQMT-IV uses this outstanding technology in new and exciting ways, giving the user precise control over his or her lighting levels while also allowing full control over fans! Setting your lights to your preferred brightness level has never been easier. Use the dimmer to set your optimal lighting levels, and give the main button one quick tap to instantly switch to that level. You can also tap the button twice to turn your lights to their full brightness. If you’re not able to get to the button, you can even use the remote control that comes with the Lutron MIR-LFQMT-IV to access your settings from across the room!

The Lutron MIR-LFQMT-IV comes in a sophisticated ivory color that will be a beautiful match to any lighter walls in your home. You can purchase an ivory wall plate separately from Lutron’s collection in order to create the optimal level of style in your home. Order yours today! 

Wallplate Sold Separately. Works with any decorator style wallplate.

This item includes a complete Master Combination Control Switch with hardwired ceiling module and IR remote control (with dual control capability) allowing full remote control of both your ceiling fan and integrated lighting.

For use with Incandescent or Halogen Lighting only. Not for use with Flourescent, CFL, LED, or other lighting options.


  • Lutron's Maestro IR 300Watt/1 Amp Fan Controller and Dimmer Kit
  • Includes Remote Control for Wireless Adjustment
  • Combines Two Switches into the Space of One
  • Multi-Location Switch can be Combined with Several Companion Switches (Model: MA-AFQ4, sold separately)
  • Included Canopy Module Allows for Easy Installation
  • Soft Glowing Green LEDs Indicate the Current Illumination/Fan Speed as Well as Acting as a Locator Light in a Dark Room
  • Dimmers Save Energy and Extend Bulb Life


  • Color: Ivory
  • Switch Type: Single-Pole Dimmer/Multi-Fan Switch with Canopy Module
  • Style: Maestro IR
  • Type: Digital
  • Preset: Preset
  • Load Type: Ceiling Fan/ Incandescent, Halogen
  • Dimmer Load Rating: 4.0 Amp Fan, 300W Dimmer
  • Voltage: 120 Volt AC 60Hz
  • Wallplates: Use with any decorator style wall plate (sold separately)
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
  • Kit Includes: Fan Controller, Canopy Module, Wireless Remote Control


1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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