Lutron MIRLV-1000-WH Dimmer Switch, 1000W 1-Pole Maestro IR Wireless Magnetic Low Voltage Light Dimmer - White

by Lutron


About the Lutron MIRLV-1000-WH 1000W Maestro IR Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, Single-Pole – White

Controlling all aspects of your home’s overhead lighting has never been easier than it is with the Lutron MIRLV-1000-WH. This state-of-the-art model from Lutron allows you to select the lighting preference that’s optimal for any room of your home with just the press of a button. The built-in LED shows you your desired illumination even when the lights are off, so you’ll always know what to expect when you turn them back on. And, in the event of a power outage, the Lutron MIRLV-1000-WH will remember your settings as if nothing happened.

The dimmer delay feature of the Lutron MIRLV-1000-WH gives you the ability to exit the room at your own pace, without having to worry about the lights shutting off before you’re gone. Set the countdown timer from 10 to 60 seconds and leave at your leisure as the lights slowly dim until they’re turned all the way off. Or, if you’re someone who has mobility issues, pair this switch with an infrared remote to control your lights from up to 30 feet away. Only Lutron gives you these abundant options and such great quality all in one.


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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