Lutron MIRLV-1000M-WH Dimmer Switch, 1000W Multi-Location Maestro IR Wireless Magnetic Low Voltage Light Dimmer - White

by Lutron


About the Lutron MIRLV-1000M-WH 1000W Maestro IR Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer, Multi-Location – White

Choosing the right dimmer system for your home all depends on the quality of functionality. If you simply want to dim the lights, any old system will do; but if you want to have complete control over your own preferences, only a Lutron MIRLV-1000M-WH can offer you that kind of power. Not only will this product help you reclaim your ability to adjust the lights in your room, it also offers an abundant number of features that other products simply don’t have. The built-in LED of this unit glows softly in the dark to help alert you of its position on the wall, while also showing you the preset level of light that will be shone when turned on.

Another great feature of the Lutron MIRLV-1000M-WH is the ability to select a fade-to-off feature when leaving a room. Never again will you have to turn the lights out and wander aimlessly in the dark towards the exit. Now, with the Lutron MIRLV-1000M-WH, you’ll have a 10 to 60 second delay that helps you exit the room safely and at your convenience. Plus, this product also features the ability to be used in conjunction with an infrared remote, for optimal control from a distance.


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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