Lutron MRF2-10D-120-WH Dimmer Switch, 1000W Maestro Magnetic Low Voltage Wireless RF Light Dimmer - White

by Lutron


About the Lutron MRF2-10D-120-WH 1000W Maestro Magnetic Low Voltage Commercial RF Dimmer – White

This Lutron Maestro Dimmer is a high end model that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home. Attention to lighting is something that is often overlooked when it comes to home décor, but it is enormously important in improving the look of any area. 

The­­­­ Lutron MRF2-10D-120-WH has some remarkably innovative and practical features. This device is well suited for multiple applications, lighting and motor loads. An LED on the user interface alerts you if the power is flowing to the device, providing a mechanism for easy troubleshooting if you were to every experience a black out.

The Lutron MRF2-10D-120-WH is configured for wireless control, and can be adjusted remotely via a small Pico remote that can easily be attached to a visor in a car (sold separately). Turn on your lights right from your vehicle!  The wireless device operates by using radio frequency technology, which can travel directly through walls and floors to deliver its signal to the Lutron MRF2-10D-120-WH instantly. Order yours today and take advantage of the one year limited warranty from the manufacturer that comes standard with the device!

The Pico Remote is sold separately and is not required to operate this dimmer. 


  • Replaces: Lutron SPS-1000-WH and SPSLV-1000-WH
  • Control your lights from outside and or inside
  • Dim the lights to your liking
  • Multi-location switching
  • Single tap brings lights instantly to full on
  • LED indicates status of lighting load
  • Immediate off or 70-second Delay to Off
  • Power failure memory
  • Front accessible service switch (FASS) to disconnect load power
  • Electrostatic discharge tested
  • Uses conventional 3-way and 4-way wiring


  • Model: MRF2-10D-120-WH
  • Power Input: 120/127VAC, 50/60Hz (requires a neutral wire connection)
  • Single-pole/multi-location
  • Rated for Incandescent, Halogen, or MLV
  • Mounting: 1-gang US wallbox
  • Temperature: 32-104oF (0-40 oC)
  • Minimum Load: 5W
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 Amperes Lighting loads or 3 Amperes General Purpose Motor
  • Auxiliary Controls: Use up to 9 MA/MSC-AS Accessory Switches for 3
  • way and 4-way applications
  • Do not paint over plate


One year through manufacturer

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