Lutron MRF2-3LD-WH Dimmer Switch, 300W Maestro RF Wireless Lamp Dimmer - White

by Lutron


About the Lutron MRF2-3LD-WH 300W Maestro Wireless RF Lamp Dimmers – White

Do your floor lamps feature dimmer capabilities? If not, consider installing the Lutron MRF2-3LD-WH to bring the liveliness and functionality of a dimmer to your floor and table lamps. By connecting the six-foot extension with dimmer companion, you’re able to control the light level from your desk, chair or couch. Watch the green LED indicate your preferred light level at all times, while the simple taps controls allow you to change it at will.

Tapping the Lutron MRF2-3LD-WH once will allow you to raise or lower the lights to your preferred level, while a double tap will fully illuminate or extinguish them. For a more precise lighting control, utilize the built-in rocker switch to choose any number of lighting degrees. As a final feature, holding the button of the Lutron MRF2-3LD-WH will trigger a 20 second fade of your lights to give you time to leave a room or bask in the aura of a dimming room.

This product is for use with most 300w incandescent and halogen lamps. It comes with a one-year warranty and Lutron’s excellent reputation for quality lighting control options.


  • Green indicator lights#&149; Six
  • foot (1.8m) cord length#&149; On a single tap, lights fade up or down#&149; On a double
  • tap, lights go to full ON#&149; When ON, press and hold to engage 20
  • second fade to OFF#&149; Light levels can be fine
  • tuned by pressing and holding the raise/lower rocker until the desired light level is reached


  • #&149; Color: White#&149; Capacity: 300 W


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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