Lutron MRF2-6ANS-BR Light Switch, Maestro Wireless RF Switch, 6A Light / 3A Fan, Multi-Location - Brown

by Lutron


About the Lutron MRF2-6ANS-BR Maestro Wireless 6A Light / 3A Fan RF Switch, Multi-Location – Brown

Tired of having to get up and change your lighting preferences each time you require a different setting? The Lutron MRF2-6ANS-BR makes it possible to control up to ten different lighting options or overhead fans from the seat of your favorite chair! For use with 6 Amp bulbs or 3 Amp ceiling fans, the device brings sophistication and innovation to your home’s lighting systems. Never again will you have to continuously get up to set the lighting degree in your rooms.

The Lutron MRF2-6ANS-BR functions just like all other Lutron paddle switches, with the added function of wireless control through Lutron’s Maestro system. It also features cutting edge motion sensing technology that guarantees your lights will never be left on in an empty room ever again. The wireless occupancy and vacancy sensor that comes standard with this unit will monitor human presence within the room, turning off the lights as you leave and illuminating the room when you re-enter.

Compatible with a slew of different lighting options including halogen bulbs and incandescent lights, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the Lutron MRF2-6ANS-BR. Quick and easy to set up right out of the box, you’ll have a fully functioning system in only a matter of minutes!

Lutron Claro Wallplate, sold separately


  • Replace existing switches to control an 6 Amp light or a 3 Amp fan
  • Create a system of up to 10 devices
  • Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology provides reliable communication
  • True multi-location on/off control setup available when used with other compatible products
  • LED: Glows brightly when the Electronic Switch is On or glows softly as a night light when Electronic Switch is Off
  • Uses standard single-pole and 3-way wiring for easy installation in any home


  • Style: Maestro
  • Type: Digital Switch
  • Load Type: Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage, Non-dim Fluorescent Ballasts, Non-dim LED Drivers, and General Purpose Fans
  • Location: Single Pole/Multi-Location
  • Voltage (V): 120
  • Ampere (A): 6 (Light) / 3 (Fan)
  • Finish: Gloss Finish
  • Standards: UL Listed


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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