Lutron MRF2-6MLV-AL Dimmer Switch, 600W Maestro RF Wireless Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer - Almond

by Lutron


About the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-AL 600W Maestro Wireless RF Dimmer, Magnetic Low Voltage – Almond

Custom lighting schemes are at the tip of your finger when you install the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-AL in your home. This versatile unit allows you to control the brightness of your overhead lighting system in a way that’s never been matched. The smooth dimming system allows for an infinite number of lighting options, while the companion remote allows you to adjust these setting from a distance, rather than have to manually adjust each time you need a change. With the companion capabilities of the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-AL, you’re able to control up to ten switches with a single remote, or expand your usage with a Lutron occupancy sensor that will sense your movement to adjust the lights.

The dimmer delay feature of the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-AL allows you to set the lights to dim over a period of 20 seconds; giving you enough time to safely exit your room. The built-in LED of this unit also displays the current light level that you’ve adjusted to give you an idea of your favorite setting. Use it as a subtle guide light at night to enhance your personal safety!


  • Replaces: Lutron SPSLV-600-AL
  • Control your lights from outside and/or inside
  • Recall your favorite light level with the touch of a button
  • Wireless occupancy sensor and dimmer provide energy savings and convenience
  • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when product is off
  • 20 second delayed fade-to-off allows you to safely leave the room before the lights go out
  • Full range dimming possible from up to ten locations
  • Control up to 10 Maestro Wireless devices with a wireless controller
  • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit
  • Power failure memory - dimmer remembers your settings even after a power interruption
  • Can also be controlled by a Lutron Wireless Occupancy Sensor or Wireless Vacancy Sensor


  • Color: Almond
  • Capacity: 600 W/VA


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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