Lutron MRF2-6MLV-IV Dimmer Switch, 600W Maestro RF Wireless Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer - Ivory

by Lutron


About the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-IV 600W Maestro Wireless RF Dimmer, Magnetic Low Voltage – Ivory

Easy to install and even easier to use, the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-IV is an excellent choice for anyone looking to retrofit their old, outdated lighting controls with something more modern and sophisticated. The one-touch controls of this switch make it easy to select the optimal lighting level for your rooms, with the ability to instantly recall it the next time you turn on the lights. The fluid fade system keeps lighting control easy, while the built-in LED display of the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-IV gives you visual confirmation of your selection, even when the lights are off. It also doubles as a soft night light for easy manipulation in the dark.

Control the Lutron MRF2-6MLV-IV with a wireless remote from a lengthy distance or pair it with up to ten units to give yourself an all-encompassing control sweep. The dimmer delay feature of this product even allows you to set a 20 second fade while you exit the room so that the lights extinguish themselves behind you. It features 3-way wiring for easy installation and works great with multi-location dimming systems.


  • Replaces: Lutron SPSLV-600-IV
  • Control your lights from outside and/or inside
  • Recall your favorite light level with the touch of a button
  • Wireless occupancy sensor and dimmer provide energy savings and convenience
  • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when product is off
  • 20 second delayed fade-to-off allows you to safely leave the room before the lights go out
  • Full range dimming possible from up to ten locations
  • Control up to 10 Maestro Wireless devices with a wireless controller
  • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit
  • Power failure memory - dimmer remembers your settings even after a power interruption
  • Can also be controlled by a Lutron Wireless Occupancy Sensor or Wireless Vacancy Sensor


  • Color: Ivory
  • Capacity: 600 W/VA


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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