Lutron MS-VPS6M2-DV-LA Motion Sensor, Maestro Vacancy Sensor Switch, 6A, Multi-Location - Light Almond

by Lutron


The Lutron MS-VPS6M2-DV-LA is a vacancy sensor switch from the Maestro product line. This particular model comes in light almond. It is a great way to bring automatic lighting/appliance control into your home. This switch with an infrared vacancy sensor is designed to provide not only convenience, but also energy savings by turning the lights off automatically for you to reduce energy consumption.

This switch with an infrared vacancy sensor is perfect for an office where the lights can be accidentally left on, though it has many practical applications at home as well. The Lutron company designs products to meet the California Title 24 and other sensor code requirements. Lights must still be activated manually, making this a great choice for if you have pets that might trigger lights on in occupancy sensors.


  • Matching Wall plate Sold Separately
  • Sleek, low profile sensor provides functionality without sacrificing style
  • Sensor turns lights off after room is vacated
  • Uses Lutron exclusive XCT sensing technology for sensing fine motions to ensure the lights remain on when the room is occupied
  • No neutral wire required
  • 2 Amp, single-pole version and 5 Amp, 3-way version available to operate all lamp types (incandescent, halogen, CFL, LED, MLV, ELV and magnetic/electronic ballasts)
  • 5 Amp version works with standard 3-way switch or Lutron Maestro companion switches for multi-location control; also works 3 Amp motor loads (fans)
  • Use companion switches (MA-AS) to switch from up to 10 locations
  • Lights turn off automatically but must be turned on manually
  • Meets California Title 24 and NYC Local Law 48 requirements
  • Single-pole/multi-location switch with vacancy sensor
  • 120/220V 6A light, inc/halogen, MLV, ELV, non-dim fluorescent ballasts


  • Operating Temperature (Maximum): 40 °C
  • Operating Temperature (Maximum): 104 °F
  • Operating Temperature (Minimum): 0 °C
  • Operating Temperature (Minimum): 32 °F
  • Certifications: UL, NOM
  • AC Voltage: 277 Volts
  • Field-of-View: 180°
  • Current Draw: 6 Amps
  • Color: Light Almond


5 Years Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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