Lutron MSC-AD-ES Maestro Satin Colors Companion Dimmer - Eggshell

by Lutron


About the Lutron MSC-AD-ES Maestro Companion Dimmer - Egg Shell

Want to increase your home’s lighting capabilities by adding dimmer switches to your rooms? The Lutron MSC-AD-ES works with other standalone dimmer switches form Lutron to create a full dimming effect throughout your home. Compliment any area’s lighting with this Maestro Companion Dimmer and choose from a variety of lighting preferences. Use the dimmer slider to adjust your overhead lights as a way to accent your room, or to add ambiance for a particular time of day.

Pair this companion dimmer with up to nine other units on a closed circuit to achieve maximum effectiveness over a range of lighting outlets. Because of its versatility and performance, the Lutron MSC-AD-ES is great for new homes or homes that are looking to replace old, inefficient dimmers with a more modern, reliable solution.

If you’re looking for the very best in companion dimmer switches, look no further than the Lutron MSC-AD-ES. Backed by Lutron’s good name and reliable, quality craftsmanship, you’ll be delighted with this product’s performance for years to come.

Notes:- Do not paint over plate- Do Not use with Mechanical 3-way or 4-way Switches


  • Not a Standalone Dimmer
  • Use only 1 Maestro Wireless Smart Dimmer per Lighting Circuit; up to 9 Companion Dimmers for full-function Multi-Location Dimming
  • Fits in any standard Decorator style Wallplate (Wall Plate Sold Separately)


  • Model: MSC-AD-ES
  • Color: Eggshell
  • Switch Type: Accessory Dimmer
  • Type: Digital
  • Preset: Preset
  • Voltage: 120 Volt AC, 60Hz
  • Action: Standard-ON/Soft-OFF
  • Amperage: 8.3A Maximum
  • Can use up to 9 of these companion dimmers with one Maestro IR multi-location dimmerNotes:
  • Do not paint over plate
  • Do Not use with Mechanical 3-way or 4-way Switches


One year through manufacturer

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