Lutron NT-S-NFB-BC Decora-Style Wall Plate, 1-Gang, Standard, Small Dimmer/Switch, Architectural, No Fins Broken - Bright Chrome

by Lutron


  • Wallplates shall be manufactured from durable polycarbonate plastic with matte finish and shall attach to the basic components without using exposed hardware or screws
  • Multi gang wallplates shall provide a continuous, seamless cover for control and/or accessory combinations with no exposed hardware or screws
  • Custom wallplate configurations shall be available
  • Multi gang wallplates shall include snap-in auto align adapter plate for proper device alignment and wallplate attachment
  • Control, accessory and wallplate profiles shall not exceed 6 mm (0.30 inch) from wall surface to faceplate front surface
  • To ensure a precise color match between all plastic parts, color variation of any matte finish control or wallplate shall not exceed delta E of 1, CIE L, A, B color units
  • Visible parts of any control or any wallplate shall exhibit ultraviolet stability when tested with multiple actinic light sources as defined in ASTM D4674-89


  • Type: Architectural, No Fins Broken
  • Configuration: (1) Small Dimmer/Switch
  • Number of Gangs: 1
  • Designated Size: Standard
  • Finish: Bright Chrome
  • Overall Dimension: 4.56 Inch W x 0.3 Inch D x 4.56 Inch H
  • Approval: UL, IEEE, ISO

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