Lutron TT-300NLH-BR Dimmer Switch, 300W Plug-in Credenza Lamp Dimmer - Brown

by Lutron


About the Lutron TT-300NLH-BR 300W Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer – Brown

Having the ability to set the lighting in your home exactly as you want it shouldn’t have to be too much to ask for. With the brown version of the Lutron TT-300NLH-BR 300W Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmer, you may save yourself all the trouble of the installation of an in-wall type of dimmer and have a quicker, easier way to get your preferred lighting settings! Simply plug the dimmer into the wall and attach it to your desired lamp, and you’ll have the instant ability to create the mood you want.

The Lutron TT-300NLH-BR 300W Credenza Plug-In Dimmer comes with a cord that is six feet in length, so you should have no trouble attacking the floor or table lamp of your choice to the nearest electrical outlet. Any lamp that you want to use this product with should not have an integral dimmer already built in to it.

The Lutron TT-300NLH-BR 300W Credenza Dimmer’s brown version is a great option to people with wooden furniture or paneling as it blends right in to its surroundings.


  • Color: Brown
  • Maximum Capacity: 300W


Limited 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

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