Mr. Scrappy MSB-20 All Purpose Garbage Disposal Handheld Brush

by Mr. Scrappy
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About the Mr. Scrappy MSB-20 All Purpose Garbage Disposal handheld Brush

The Mr. Scrappy MSB-20 Kitchen Brush is the perfect tool to thoroughly clean your Garbage Disposal in areas where rags and your hands will not reach. The Mr. Scrappy Cleaner Brush is designed to get into the cracks and seams of your Garbage Disposal, reducing the build-up of germs or bacteria in those crevices.


  • Heavy Duty Brush designed to clean Garbage Disposals
  • Manufacturered by the same creators of Waste Maid Disposers


  • Helps eliminate residual food waste inside the disposers; the most common cause of disposer odor.
  • No need to put your hand down into the disposer anymore.
  • Unique design fits into any disposer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wide handle gives you a sturdy grip.


One Year - Warranty provided by the Manufacturer

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