North Star NST30UD Water Softener Two-tank Model - 30,100 Grain Capacity - Ultra Demand

by North Star
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About the North Star NST30UD Water Softener Two-tank Model - 30,200 Grain Capacity - Ultra DemandOwn one of the most efficient water softeners in the industry!Hard water can create many problems, from creating deposit build-up on pipes, fixtures, appliances, and your water heater. Installing a North Star NST30UD Water Softener will reduce deposits in your water system tremendously, preventing premature damage to your appliances, and also providing clean drinking water, more comfortable shower water, and spot-free dishwashing. North Star NST30UD conditioning systems improve your quality of life, comfort, and health, while reducing your maintenance and repair expenses. North Star is the world


  • Removes Minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium 
  • Protects your plumbing, faucets, appliances, and water heater from mineral deposits and build-up
  • Leaves dishes cleaner and spot free
  • Increases water heater efficiency by up to 29%
  • Energy Efficient system pays for itself through energy, water, salt, and soap / detergent savings


  • Max Capacity: 30,200 Grains
  • Resin: 0.78 Cubic feet
  • Connection Size: 1" 
  • Standard Valve
  • Rates Service Flow Rate: 7.5 GPM
  • Intermittent Flow Rate: 7.8 GPM
  • Rated Clearwater Iron Removal: 8 PPM
  • Electronics: Ultra Demand 
  • Efficiency: 5120 Grains per lb. of Salt
  • Dimensions: 48-3/4" H  x 11-1/ 2" W x 39" D
  • Connection height: 41-1/4" from the bottom of the unit


1-year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts - Contact Manufacturer for warranty details

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