Panasonic FV-GKF32S1 Passive Inlet Vent

by Panasonic
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The Panasonic Passive Inlet is an essential installation tool for your ventilation systems. The inlet vent has many properties that may benefit your application. The passive inlet allows your ventilation to provide makeup air to help balance indoor versus outdoor pressure. The makeup air allows to introduce fresh air from the outside, replacing the air exhausted by the ventilation fan. This replacement of air keeps humidity levels relative, and maintains a healthy atmosphere.The Panasonic FV-GKF32S1 features a foam pad to reduce outdoor noise and condensation, an insulation lining, a 3-inch diameter, 12 inch in length through-the-wall sleeve and 7 stainless steel installation screws. The FV-GKF32S1 can be set with three positions: Closed, 12 and 18 CFM. Other great features of the FV-GKF32S1 are the washable air filter, 2 position air delivery, a durable open/close levr and a bug screen. Installation of the FV-GKF32S1 requires a 3" wall opening diameter.All these great features of the Panasonic FV-GKF32S1 Passive Inlet are backed by Panasonic's 3-year limited warranty.


  • Sturdy open/close lever
  • 2 position air delivery
  • Washable air filter
  • Bug screen
  • Foam backing reduces outdoor noise and condensation
  • 3 inch diameter, 12 inch length through the wall sleeve
  • Durable ABS and PP resin body
  • Stainless steel installation screws included


  • Use: Provides fresh make up (outside) air to help balance indoor vs. outdoor air pressure
  • 3 Setting Positions: Closed, 12 and 18 CFM
  • Wall Opening (diameter): 3"
  • Sturdy Open/Close Lever: Yes
  • 2 Position Air Delivery: Yes
  • Washable Air Filter: Yes
  • Bug Screen: Yes
  • Foam Pad: Yes, to reduce outdoor noise and condensation
  • Insulation Lining: yes, to prevent condensation
  • Through-the-Wall Sleeve: 3-inch diameter, 12 inch length
  • Wall Mounted: Yes
  • Durable ABS and PP Resin Body: Yes
  • Stainless Steel Installation Screws: 7 included


Limited 3 year warranty through the manufacturer

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