Panasonic FV-WCD02-A Timer Swtich, WhisperControl Preset Countdown On/Off/Light - Almond

by Panasonic
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The Panasonic FV-WCD02-A preset countdown on/off/light delay timer switch is for the WhisperControl line of ventilation fans. It allows for wall control over the ventilation and light system. It can set an hourly timer to ensure that the fan is not left on by accident. This model is in almond and comes with a matching wall plate.

Pleae note: Image shown in white finish.


  • Wall plate included
  • Compliant with ASHRAE 62.2 standards
  • Preset for 10-20-30 or 60 minute intervals
  • Fits single-gang box
  • LED light indicates countdown time elapsed and last LED flashes two minutes until OFF warning
  • Press and hold override timer function; hold down the button you want until LED light indicates it is on


  • Color: Almond

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