Panasonic PC-NLF04D WhisperLine Installation Kit - 4" Double Pick Up

by Panasonic
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Ensure your installation of the Panasonic Whisper-Line series of bathroom fans with the PC-NLF04D. Packed with industry standard installation tools, this kit allows you to maximize the utility of your bathroom fan for extended product life and durabilty. The Panasonic PC-NLF04D installation accessories is a double pick up kit that includes:

Whisper Line Installation Kit Includes:• 4" Double Pick Up• Grille Type: 4" Double Inlet• Inlet Grille: 2 (4")• Backdraft Damper: 2 (4")• Clamp: 12• Y-Adaptor: 1 (4" - 4" x 2)

Designed to simplify the installation of your Panasonic Whisper-Line bathroom fans, the Panasonic PC-NLF04D allows your unit to perform optimally, while meeting all industry standards. Panasonic offers a 3-year warranty on the PC-NLF04D Whisper-Line Installation (Accessories) Kit.More Products from Panasonic WhisperLine Series


  • Grille Type: 4" Double Inlet
  • Inlet Grille: 2 (4")
  • Backdraft Damper: 2 (4")
  • Clamp: 12
  • Y-Adaptor: 1 (4"
  • 4" x 2)


Limited 3 year warranty through the manufacturer

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