Panasonic SACG2K-08 Exhaust System, SelectCycler Whole House Ventilation System for 8" Duct

by Panasonic
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Bring pure and fresh air into your home with the Panasonic SACG2K-08 SelectCycler whole house ventilation system. This model is specifically designed for use with the WhisperGreen Select&trade ventilation fans. It fits 8" duct openings and is a perfect solution for single and multi-family ventilation constructions. The SelectCycler is intended to control a whole house ventilation, integrated into an HVAC system. It features two operational modes, which provide excellent performance while saving costs. The Panasonic SACG2K-08 is equipped with a digital display panel, which shows the status of the system. Also, it offers programmable hours of operation. In order to achieve balanced ventilation or hybrid supply, the SelectCycler controller works in tandem with spot exhaust fans. Enjoy the efficient performance of the Panasonic SelectCycler whole house ventilation system for many years to come.


  • Ideal for single and multi-family construction
  • Provides whole house ventilation control that's integrated into the home's Central HVAC system
  • Durable, powered open/close damper alleviates damper chatter
  • Controls WhisperGreen Select™ (or any 110VAC ventilation fan) to provide supplemental ventilation as needed to meet ASHRAE 62.2
  • Two operational modes help a home achieve the lowest cost per HERS point for either supply or balanced ventilation strategies
  • Works in tandem with spot exhaust fan to achieve hybrid supply or balanced ventilation
  • Features a patented setup process, including two simple options: Flow vs Time
  • Digital display panel shows system status and aids in troubleshooting
  • Fan/light wall switch can be programmed from the controller to provide a delay timer function
  • Stainless steel, power-open/close damper


  • Programmable Wall Mounted Controller:
    • Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)
    • Current Draw: 0.07 Amps
  • Motorized Supply Damper:
    • Duct Size: 8"
    • Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)
    • Current Draw: 0.07 A idle; 0.125 A for 15 second damper transit time
    • Power Draw (VA): >1W idle; 3W for 15 second damper transit time
    • Wiring requirements: 19 gauge minimum
  • FanConnect™ Bathroom Fan/Light Wall Switch:
    • Compatibility: Single, or multi-speed fans, set to a single speed setting
    • Light: 450 Watts @ 120 VAC (blue wire)
    • Fan: 150 Watts @ 120 VAC (red wire)
    • Operation: 120 VAC +/- 10%
  • Warranty

    6 years limited warranty through the manufacturer when in use with the WhisperGreen Select fan or fan/light

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