Panasonic SACTG-C02 Sensor, 2A/ 24VAC, 35 Deg F - Cold Temperature

by Panasonic
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Protect your SelectCycler fresh air damper by installing the Panasonic SACTG-C02 cold temperature sensor. This model is intended for use specifically during extreme cold periods. To control the damper, the sensor indicates the outside temperature. If the temperature is below 35°F the unit overrides the damper and keeps it shut. Add the Panasonic SACTG-C02 sensor to prolong the life of your ventilation system.


  • System control in extreme cold climates


  • OFF Temperature: 35°F +/– 5°
  • ON Temperature: 4°F higher
  • Operation: 2A @ 24VAC


3 years limited warranty through the manufacturer

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