Pass & Seymour SCK1001 Fish Tape and Cable Puller, 16 Inch Wire Mesh Pulling Grip, Standard, Heavy-Duty, Offset, Steel - 4200 Lb

by Pass & Seymour
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  • Slack grips are reusable grips used for pulling slack in underground cable preparatory to final placement
  • They may also be used for cable removal
  • Slack grips feature an offset eye for easy attachment to the pulling line
  • Rugged, easy-to-install


  • Type: Standard, Heavy-Duty
  • Eye Type: Offset
  • Mesh Type: Double Weave, Closed
  • Mesh Length: 16 Inch
  • Minimum Cable Outer Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Maximum Cable Outer Diameter: 1.24 Inch
  • Mesh Material: Steel
  • Breaking Strength: 4200 Lb
  • Application: Underground Cable Pulling
  • Approval: UL

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