PREVAL(R) 924 vFan Gravity System

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Ideal for most liquid mediums including paints, primers, glues, stains & more; Flow controllable from 1/6" fine-line detail to 3" fan pattern on small surfaces; Gravity fed & securely contains medium in provided metal cup using threaded lid; Paint never spills out, regardless on how sprayer is held; Dual action; Protected against all solvents; Works with 150 Feet of ENERGY & most workshop compressors; Meets National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP); Includes .9mm fan air cap, .9mm standard air cap, two 1oz product containers, 6ft air hose with 1/4" NPT, pressure tank regulator for use with 150 Feet of ENERGY & instruction manual
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: United States

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