Siemens Q250R 50-Amp Two Pole Thermal Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker

by Siemens
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Siemens Type QP 2P molded case circuit breaker rated at 20 AMP/240 VAC, is suitable where maximum safety against overloads and short circuits is required during heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. When the current flow in an electric circuit exceeds 10 KAMP at 240 VAC, this breaker trips and protects the circuit. Siemens looks forward to bring innovation in technology, process automation and other manufacturing process for resulting in increased sustainability. Thermal magnetic circuit breaker includes a bimetal switch and an electromagnet as switching mechanisms. Situated behind a trip bar of the breaker is a bimetal, which is one of the current carrying paths. Exceeding electrical current than the rated overload current of the breaker, heats the bimetal, causing it to bend and touch the trip bar to open the circuit. An iron core with a wire coil around it forms an electromagnet. This electromagnet responds to short-circuit currents when load current passes through the electromagnet. When a high-level of current passes, the electromagnet generates enough field strength and attracts a nearby armature. The armature rotates as soon as its top moves towards the electromagnet and the trip bar trips the breaker, disconnects the current path and de-energizes the electromagnet coils.


  • Phase : 1
  • Poles : 2
  • Voltage 2 : 40
  • Amperage : 50
  • Connection : Plug-In
  • Protection : Thermal Magnetic
  • Functions : LI - Long-Time and Instantaneous
  • AIC Rating : 10kA@240V


1 year limited warranty through Manufacturer

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