Siemens Q390 Standard Breaker, 90-Amp, 240-Volt, Three Pole

by Siemens
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Siemens type QP three pole breaker is rated for 80 Amps and 120/240 Volts. This breaker has a 10 KAIC interrupt rating and is for use in Siemens panels only. The breaker is plug in style. Siemens strongly recommends against the use of "used" breakers. The installation of used breakers in a Siemens panel will void the warranty on the panel. Siemens does not sell used breakers and has not approved any 3rd party sellers to do so


  • UL Listed HACR Type QP Plug-In Circuit Breaker
  • All standard circuit breakers are calibrated for 40


    1 year limited warranty through Manufacturer

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