Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP MR16 LED Bulb, GU5.3 Narrow Flood, 12V, 9W (35W Equiv.) - Dimmable - 3000K - 440 Lm.

by Toshiba
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About The Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP 440 Lumens LED Light Bulb, MR16 GU5.3 - 35 Watt Equivalent - Dimmable - 3000K - 25 Degree Beam Angle

With most governments making a strong push to make incandescent light bulbs illegal now is the right time to make your move to LED light bulbs.  The Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP LED lights last up to 20 times longer than incandescent / halogen bulbs and they are 80% more energy efficient that incandescent / halogen light bulbs.  Not only are the Toshiba LED lights much more energy efficient light bulbs, but they are also the most reliable LED light bulbs available.  This is proven by the fact that Toshiba is so confident in their LED light bulbs they back them with a 5 year warranty against decreasing lumen output.  Toshiba is the only manufacturer that guarantees the lumen output will not decrease for 5 years with a warranty, other manufacturers of LED light bulbs only state initial lumen output when rating their LED lights.  This is important because with LED light bulbs made by other companies the lumen output can start to decrease in a matter of months delivering less than optimal lighting.  Toshiba LED light bulbs also feature the Phillips Chip Set that provides unmatched reliability.

The Toshiba LED light bulbs are also easy to install, all you do is remove the old incandescent bulbs and screw your LED light bulbs in.  With other LED lights you may have to change some of your lighting hardware or maybe even do some rewiring.  The Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP LED light bulbs have a color temperature of 3000K creating warm white light color.  The color temperature is important when selecting LED lights because many LED lights produce awfully bright white light that is not ideal for in home lighting.  Toshiba LED light bulbs also are unique from other LED light bulbs in that they are dimmable LED light bulbs.  The dimmer switches that are compatible with the Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP LED lights are: Lutron DV-600P, Lutron DVLV-600P, Lutron NTLV-600, Lutron NTELV-600, and Lutron 6631.  The transformers that will work with the Toshiba 9MR16/30FNF-UP LED light bulbs are: Ardee TW50, Hatch RS12-15M-LED, Hatch RS12-30M-LED, Hatch PS12-20L, and WAC EN-12100-R-AR.

Toshiba has been in the lighting industry for 120 years now and have always been known to provide a reliable product.

Additional Information:


  • Lasts up to 20 times longer and uses up to 80% less energy than halogens
  • No mercury or lead
  • Put to rigorous testing standards
  • Rated for both damp locations and enclosed fixtures
  • Emits up to 70% less UV light compared to halogen lamps
  • Direct replacement for 35W halogen
  • Dimmable
  • Fits most gimble rings


  • 450 Series
  • Lumens: 440
  • Wattage: 9.0W
  • Lamp Efficacy: 48.9 lm/W
  • Equivalency: 35W Halogen
  • Beam Angle: 25 Degrees
  • CBCP: 1900 cd
  • CCTS: 3000K (Color Temp)
  • CRI: 84
  • Rated Life: 25,000 Hours
  • Input Voltage: 12 VAC

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