VELUX EDL C08 0100B Skylight Flashing, C08/C12 Copper Step Flashing w/Adhesive Underlayment for Deck Mount Skylights

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The VELUX EDL C08 0100B is a low-profile copper step flashing for a deck-mount skylight that comes with adhesive underlayment. The copper step flashing is intended to provide a weather-tight seal for roof windows or deck mounted skylights which are installed on roofs that have thin roofing materials like fiberglass shingles, cedar shingles, slate, shakes, or asphalt. For proper water drainage, each piece of this flashing kit is interwoven with a layer of roofing material. Also, no sealants or caulk are needed. This model is specifically designed for roofs with slopes from 14° to 85°.


  • Asphalt shingles, wood shakes or slate (up to 1/2" maximum thickness) for copper cladding only
  • VELUX EDL flashing is designed for use on roofs with shingles, shakes, or slate with a minimum pitch of 14 degrees and a maximum pitch of 85 degrees
  • EDL C06 flashing is designed specifically to fit VELUX FS/VS/VSE/VSS models in sizes C01, C04, or C06
  • Installation on non-VELUX skylights or other VELUX models is not recommended
  • EDL flashing is not designed to work with a tile or metal roof, or curb-mount skylights


  • Rough opening/Finished frame: 21" x 54 7/16"
  • Outside frame: 21 1/2" x 54 15/16"
  • Color Family: Gray
  • Compatible Roof Type(s): Shake, Shingle, Slate


VELUX provides a wide-range of warranties for their skylights and related components, including flashing, blinds and glass. Depending on the product purchased, the following warranties may apply:

  • 20 Year VELUX Insulating Glass Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year VELUX Roof Windows, Skylights, and Flashing Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year VELUX Blinds Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year VELUX Manual, Solar, and Electric Controls Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year "No Leak" Installation Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year Hail Breakage Limited Warranty (for VELUX skylights with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass only)

These warranties only apply if the product is finished, installed, operated and maintained strictly in accordance with VELUX instructions or other instructions furnished with the Covered Product. ImproveDepot recommends a professional installation by a CERTIFIED INSTALLER to ensure that the product is protected by these warranties.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by VELUX's warranties, nor are problems arising from failure to properly maintain the product. The warranty on insulated glass is void if any film is applied to the glass surface. Other restrictions apply, so be sure to read the included warranty information packaged with the product.

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