Health Benefits of Air Purifiers



Reduce Allergy Symptoms with an Air Purifier

Both allergy and asthma sufferers know the value of a good
. Allergy sufferers face an array of irritating allergy issues year after year, not just from pollen and dust, but from household products like soap, deodorants, hair products, and carpets. That’s why it’s important to own a high-quality air purifier. With a good air purifier, you can alleviate most allergy or asthma problems, not just when they strike, but year round. Below are three qualities your air purifier should have.

  1. Low noise – a good air purifier is a quiet one. Being run at least 10 hours daily, the low noise will ensure pleasant air purifier usage.
  2. Clean or Replace indicator – Industry leader Honeywell offers air purifiers that tell you when to replace the filter. With the Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier, the Intelli-Check electronic indicator will remind you when it’s time to replace the filter.  
  3. Clean-air delivery rate (CADR) – Efficiency is another hallmark of a quality air purifier. For best results, use an air purifier with a good CADR. When it comes to clean air deliver ratings, the higher the better.

Improved technology and advanced features make modern air purification systems extremely safe and effective. A good quality air purifier will help eradicate viruses, dust, airborne chemicals, bacteria, pollen spores, and more. We offer a variety of air purifiers at low wholesale prices, carrying such brand leaders as , NuTone, , Holmes, , and Fantech. Take care of allergy symptoms with a new air purifier today!