NSI Tork SS721Z Light Timer, 120/277V SPST, 7-Day Digital, Neutral Wiring, Astro w/ Wallplate - White

by NSI Tork
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The NSI Tork SS721Z is a 7-day digital astro timer that is accurate to the minute. This model features a SunSet™ that knows when the sun comes up and goes down based on your location and adjusts daily to changes. It is a great solution for residential interior lights, small fans and motors, and other appliances. The model comes in white with standard decorator wall plate. It works on 120/277V AC input and has an SPST switch. Also, the timer requires neutral wiring and can be used as a 3-way switch. Due to scheduling, it is possible to set 10 ON/OFF pairs of set points for programs on each day of the week. Manual and vacation modes are available. Random mode provides various ON/OFF times to create a "lived in" look. Also, manual override is available until the next regularly scheduled automatic ON or OFF. For daylight saving, automatic adjustment is provided. Due to a rechargeable battery, time and schedule are retained. Enjoy great functionality and stable performance of the NSI SS721Z digital time switch.


  • Residential interior lights, small fans and motors, appliances. Not compatible with LED bulbs
  • Scheduling - 10 ON and OFF pairs of set points for individual programs on each day of the week. 11 day groups speed programming. Minimum setting is 1 minute
  • SunSet astronomic - adjusts daily to changes in sunset times. Sunset and sunrise times are adjustable from 10°- 60° Northern or Southern latitudes. Can be individually offset +/- 1-240 minutes for earlier or later operation
  • Random mode - varies ON and OFF times to create lived in look when away
  • Daylight savings - automatic adjustment (can be omitted)
  • Leap year - automatic compensation
  • Manual Override - until the next regularly scheduled ON or OFF, automatic operation then resumes
  • Manual mode - does not run programs until set to AUTO (automatic) mode
  • Vacation mode - no operation when away
  • Easy wiring - requires a neutral, can be used as a 3-way switch
  • AM/PM clock format
  • Permanent schedule retention. Supercapacitor provides 2 days of real time backup
  • Commercial grade specs - control lighting contactors and 277VAC loads. Compatible with CFL lamps
  • Full switching - No minimum load requirement
  • Applications:
    • Commercial outdoor security lighting
    • Interior lobby lighting
    • Contactors for fans and motors
    • Sign lighting


  • Scheduling: 7 Day
  • Type: 7 Day Astronomic In Wall Time Switch
  • Application: Outdoor Security-Interior Lights- Fans-Motors-Appliance Switch
  • Voltage Rating: 120-277 VAC
  • Enclosure: Single Gang Wall Plate
  • Action: SPST
  • Frequency Rating: 50-60 Hz
  • Mounting: Single Gang Wall Plate
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to + 104 F
  • Standard: cULus
  • Dimensions: H=5.00 - W=3.00
  • Finish: White

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