E-Z Clor Liquid Mustard Algae Plus EZC-50-2001

by E-Z Clor
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E-Z Clor Mustard Algae Plus EZC-50-2001/50-2001 

23.09% Copper Ethanolamine Complex, Mixed
[Mono CAS #14215-52-2 and Tri CAS #82027-59-6]

Fast-acting, triple chelated, 7.41% copper algaecide designed to control mustard algae.

  • Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Treatment to Control Algae Growth
  • Will not cause water to foam
  • Will not alter the pH or chlorine content of the water

Available in 1 quart size.

Product Features

  • Easy-to-use, concentrated, all-purpose algaecide
  • Eliminates visible algae in pools and restores water clarity
  • Use Algaecide 50 or Algae Plus in conjunction with a sanitizer weekly to prevent algae from returning
  • Compatible with pools using Salt Chlorine Generators
  • Swim immediately after treatment

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