NSI Tork P1101FM-M Pool Timer, 120V 40A, 3HP DPST 2NO Mechanism w/ Fireman Switch

by NSI Tork
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The NSI Tork P1101FM-M is an economical and effective mechanical time switch for pool panels. It features only mechanism that fits into pool panel enclosures PP-100R or PP-125R. The model runs on 120V and has a 24H time switch with an authentic clock face. Besides, it is equipped with a fireman switch that turns off pool heater and lets hot water to cycle out 20-30 minutes before turning off the pump. Easy to set captive triggers, that can


  • 120 Volt Mechanism
  • 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch
  • Captive trippers that can be set in 15 minute intervals
  • Additional switch which will turn off the pool heater before shutting the pool pump (Fireman Switch)
  • Quick install release lever
  • Real Time Switch Face that is easy to set and check time
  • Load indicator lamp
  • Captive trippers that can't be lost
  • 3 Position external rocker switch


  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC 60 Hz
  • Timing accuracy: Line frequency
  • HP Rating: 3 HP @ 120 Volts
  • Clock Input: DPST, 2NO
  • Contact Ratings: 40 Amp Resistive/Inductive

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