VELUX FCM 3434 0004 Skylight, 34 1/2" W x 34 1/2" H Fixed Curb-Mount w/ Laminated LowE3 Glass



Create a spacious home that is filled with natural light with the VELUX FCM 3434 0004 fixed curb-mount skylight. This model features laminated Low E3 glass that has extra laminated pane for added safety and comfort. The skylights with laminated glass are usually used for out of reach applications. There are also other glass options available. This curb-mounted, fixed skylight is intended to visually expand areas making it an ideal solution for hallways and stairwells. With the skylight, you can bring natural light into your house and decrease the use of electricity. The inside curb of this model measures 34-1/2" x 34-1/2". Installation of this skylight is simple and fast since it doesn


  • Maintenance free frame
  • No designated top, bottom or sides - can be installed in any direction
  • Impact and Miami-Dade glass available for hurricane prone areas
  • White laminated glass available for applications where diffused lighting is required
  • Factory installed blinds available
  • Neat® glass coating to keep your skylight cleaner, longer, leaving skylights virtually spotless
  • Reduces unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight


  • Roof Pitch (Deg): 0° - 60°
  • Inside Curb (W " x H "): 34-1/2" x 34-1/2"
  • Outside Curb (W " x H "): 37-1/2" x 37-1/2"
  • Maximum Skylight Clearance (W " x H "): 38-1/2" x 38-1/2"
  • Glass Type: Laminated LowE3
  • Application: Out of Reach


VELUX provides a wide-range of warranties for their skylights and related components, including flashing, blinds and glass. Depending on the product purchased, the following warranties may apply:

  • 20 Year VELUX Insulating Glass Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year VELUX Roof Windows, Skylights, and Flashing Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year VELUX Blinds Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year VELUX Manual, Solar, and Electric Controls Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year "No Leak" Installation Limited Warranty
  • 10 Year Hail Breakage Limited Warranty (for VELUX skylights with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass only)

These warranties only apply if the product is finished, installed, operated and maintained strictly in accordance with VELUX instructions or other instructions furnished with the Covered Product. Improve Depot recommends a professional installation by a CERTIFIED INSTALLER to ensure that the product is protected by these warranties.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by VELUX's warranties, nor are problems arising from failure to properly maintain the product. The warranty on insulated glass is void if any film is applied to the glass surface. Other restrictions apply, so be sure to read the included warranty information packaged with the product.

  • Approximate Processing Time (Business Days): 6
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