How to Make Your Kitchen More Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Kitchen More Energy Efficient

If the kitchen is where you feel most at home, chances are you’re investing more than just your own time and energy when you’re prepping and eating meals.

For those who are looking to save money while being kinder to the environment, making a few changes in your kitchen—a home space that generate plenty of energy consumption—can help you cut costs on your electricity bill. Read on for some helpful tips on making your kitchen energy efficient.

Use CFL or LED bulbs

Though incandescent light bulbs may seem like a cheaper option at first, using compact fluorescent light bulbs or can save you up to 75 percent and 84 percent on total operating costs,respectively. Both emit less heat than standard light bulbs, which often make homeowners turn up the air conditioning as the room is heated, resulting in more energy usage. and LED bulbs are also better for the environment and use less electricity.

Use an Energy Star-Rated Kitchen Range Hood

An Energy Star-rated kitchen range hood not only keeps your kitchen’s air fresh, it also helps you save money on your utility bill. These appliances ventilate the room, requiring less of a need for cooling (and added energy usage). Plus, you may also be eligible for federal tax incentives by using Energy Star-rated kitchen appliances.

Replace Old Water Fixtures

While this involves investing a little more time and money, replacing water fixtures that were installed before 1992 will help you save more money and waste less water in the long run. The water pressure of older models may not be up to par with more modern, energy-efficient water faucets, and low-flow fixtures usually don’t allow you to control how much water you’re using as efficiently as newer ones.

Replace Your Old Fridge

Refrigerators that are over ten years old can account of nearly 15 percent of your home’s total energy usage. Fridges also use the most energy out of all household appliances, and replacing an older model is an easy way to reduce your electricity bill. It might cost more up front to buy a new fridge, but the savings in both energy and money over time are well worth the investment.