ANTENNAS DIRECT(R) ECL-A ClearStream Eclipse(TM) Amplified Sure Grip(TM) Indoor HDTV Antenna

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Range: up to 50 miles; Best performance among flat HD Antennas in the 50-mile range category (certain variables unrelated to product & performance can affect reception, such as the install location, tall trees & buildings as well as distance from the towers); Sure Grip(TM) provides easy installation of any indoor antenna by gripping to walls & is ideal for dorm rooms or to take on the go; 20dB in-line amp system provides added range & maximum signal reception for more channels; No aiming necessary for the multidirectional element ; Double-sided black or white design ; Paintable surface to match wall, furniture or accent color for custom fit; Includes 12ft of high-performance coaxial cable, 5ft USB cable, antenna, amp with power supply, Sure Grip(TM) Strip & instructions
Warranty: Lifetime
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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