Kidde 442057 Mold Detection Kit

by Kidde


About The Kidde 442057 Mold Detection Kit

The Kidde 442057 Mold Detection Kit is used to quickly sample visible mold colonies, discoloration or questionable materials.  Samples can be taken with the adhesive strips or bagging (bags included), the test strips are touched to the surface of the area in question and then attached to the sample submission card that is provided.  Then you simply return it to the laboratory for analysis (preaddressed envelope included).

The Kidde 442057 Mold Detection Kit is designed for use with visible mold colonies that are typically found in attics, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, heating and air conditioning duct work, living rooms, bedrooms, boats, automobiles, pet areas, pools, utility and storage areas.  The Kidde 442057 Mold Detection Kit includes 3 bags for bulk samples, test strips, sample card (Fits up to 6 mold test strip samples), detailed sampling and processing instructions, and payment instructions.

Molds are microscopic fungi that exist almost everywhere, and can enter a building through open doorways, windows, leaks, HVAC systems, on pets, clothing, and many other ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) molds can produce toxins harmful to humans.

Warning: This mold test kit is appropriate for use only where visual inspection is possible. This mold test kit is not suitable for use in connection with the testing of interior wall spaces or other locations not subject to visual inspection and where mold may be present. For testing of these areas please consult a professional home inspector, contractor or mold remediation specialist.


  • Safe and Easy to Use - Collect Samples in Minutes
  • Take up to 9 Samples with One Kit
  • Professional Lab Analysis (Additional Fee for Certified Lab Analysis)


  • Model Number: 442057

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