Kidde CO120X Carbon Monoxide Detector 120V Hardwired Relay Module for I-Combo

by Kidde


About the Kidde CO120X Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Relay Module

If you’re looking to route a signal from one Kidde carbon monoxide alarm to the rest of a circuit, there is no better way to accomplish this than with the Kidde CO120X hardwired carbon monoxide relay module. This device is perfect for linking up to 24 of your Kidde Fyrnetics devices to a single circuit for maximum safety awareness at all times.

With the Kidde CO120X, you’re able to connect and control your auxiliary warning devices in such a manner that a single alarm will alert the entire circuit. If carbon monoxide levels are detected by an alarm in the circuit, the relay system will be notified of the trigger and route the alert to the remainder of your devices around your home or office.

The Kidde CO120X is for use with other Kidde alarms only and comes with a guaranteed manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years.


  • Interconnectable
  • Switches connected device power when a CO interconnect signal is received
  • Internal power supply for pull station comparability
  • Controls and connects auxiliary warning devices
  • For use with multiple station alarms and detectors
  • Use with Kidde Fyrnetics devices only


  • Part Number: 900-0125


5 year limited warranty

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