PREVAL(R) 100 vFan Portable Airbrush Spray System

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All-in-one touch-up system for precision painting, surface prep & curing; Siphon-fed, dual-action stainless steel & brass airbrush; Sprays from a 1/16" detailed line to a 3" fan with total consistency & almost no overspray; Sprays automotive primers, top coats & clears, marine primers, top coats & gel coats, most water-based, solvent-based & oil-based paints, latex paints & over 2,000 other formulas; For use on vehicles, boats, residential interior & exterior trims, decorative concrete staining, cabinetry lacquer & more; Hybrid system works with the Preval(R) 150 Feet of ENERGY silent pressurized air & duster canister for complete portability plus works with most air compressors ; Kit includes: ; vFan airbrush with .9mm fan air cap & .9mm detail air cap; 2 cans of 150 Feet of ENERGY; 3 product containers with full assembly (6oz, 3oz & 1oz); 6ft long air hose ; Extra .99mm spray needle ; Pressure tank regulator for 150 Feet of ENERGY ; Additional dip tubes, tools, accessories & instruction manual
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: United States

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